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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  On March 17th we will celebrate the life of St. Patrick, a patron saint of Ireland who was in fact born in Wales.  Kidnapped at the age of 16, and taken to Ireland as a slave, St. Patrick worked as a shepherd, but later escaped and ventured back to his native Roman...

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Which Trade Finance Solution is made for you?

Seeking international growth by going global as an importer/exporter offers a multitude of opportunities, but also may have potential difficulties. Trading overseas also involves political, economic and transfer risks, in addition to the commercial and contractual...

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Brexit – Opportunity or Headache for Ireland?

On the 23rd of June, 2016, the United Kingdom shocked the world by voting to leave the European Union. Journalists across the world have been arguing over the fate of the UK, the EU and the world, and more specifically, its effects on Ireland. They are both good and...

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Trump, Trade, and Ireland

A month into the Brave New World of post-election America, businesses in Ireland (and indeed the world over) remain trepidatious about what a President Donald Trump means for the world’s economy, especially where trade is concerned. Concerns over radical change are...

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Free Trade and Democracy: A Crisis of Faith

Over the past week, politicians in Brussels have suffered another bleak reminder of how difficult the business of free trade has become for the West’s democracies. After a year featuring Brexit, rising Euroscepticism, the protectionist rhetoric of Donald Trump, and...

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